Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Our first Christmas in our own home: it was quiet; it was simple; it was cozy; it was a blessing.

Time was spent cooking, baking, decorating, laughing, wrapping, dancing, and relaxing.

A few of you have been asking for some photos, so I have posted a few here. Our family photo by the tree needs some lightening up, so I will send that out later.

This is clearly the largest Christmas tree we have ever had. Thanks to our neighborhood garden shop, Adams and Sons, for their friendly service and great prices.


A simple centerpiece for the table:

xmas 2013

And for the kitchen:

2014-01-02 00.49.19                              Stella and I made snowflake ballerinas:

2014-01-02 00.48.13     Biz enjoyed napping:


We celebrated the start of 2014 by dancing and throwing confetti:

2013-12-31 11.56.13

It has been snowing for days! The good news is that our back yard actually looks kind of pretty now. Kind of. When I crop out the alley, shed, and garbage cans.
2014-01-02 00.48.42



    Those snowflake ballerinas are really cute. Did you figure that out by yourself or was it a pattern?

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