Home–Week 8

We have been home for 8 weeks now. And we still have a lot of work to do. Rather than dwell on what is left, let’s show off what we’ve done!

The interior walls are almost  all painted. I still need to paint closets and the mud room and do touch-ups throughout the whole house.



Stella’s room is painted (she picked a color much like orange sherbet). Stella helped with much of the painting in her room, and we added multi-colored polka dots today. Curtains in her room and the master bedroom are hemmed and hanging.



Chris put up all the shelving in the living room, installed the credenza cabinets, sanded and stained the credenza top and my desk.



Biz got a little tuckered when unpacking the books:


Chris also installed all of the cabinet doors in the kitchen, middle bedroom, and bathroom.

2013-08-16 03.20.11



Chris assembled and installed the bathroom drawers, towel racks, etc.

And although the landscaping is not happening right away, we did manage to plant the small area between the front sidewalk and fence; Chris sanded, stained, and poly-coated the front door too.


I am looking forward to hanging artwork to make everything seem even more warm and homey.

Like I said, there is still so much to do, but we are getting there! And we are so happy to be home.



  1. sharon

    Kim it looks totally awesome!!!! I wish I had your decorating touch! We haven’t even put anything on the walls really and we have been here since March! Stella must be so happy! I’m quite impressed with Chris!

  2. kmaas48@mchsi.com

    It looks great! like the rug. You have really been busy sewing too. Glad Chris got the front door done before it gets rainy. You both did way more than you had planned didn’t you. Didn’t seem like you had been in 8 weeks already, but it’s summer so the time flies. Love you’Mom

  3. 1002mozart

    I don’t know that it is more than we ‘planned’…we knew we’d be doing all of this; maybe we did more than we expected to do before getting to the fence! 🙂

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