We Are Home! – Week 27



First of all, I apologize for my ‘accidental post’ yesterday. Here is what I meant to post:

Many thanks go out to Peterson Moving company! These guys were amazing: quick, careful, friendly, good price.


The first day was a little overwhelming:

moving day

But we are slowly making progress.

On our second day, we had a champagne toast to celebrate the first load of laundry in our very own washer and dryer. No more pumping quarters into machines!


We still have so much unpacking to do; most of which cannot be done until we get the book shelves put up. Chris is working on those as I type. We also have a lot of painting and trim  work and other odds and ends, but it is starting to feel homey. As we complete more work, I will post more photos!




  1. Jenn

    I just read through all of this. Stella was right to call it an amazing adventure! I am so happy for you and your family! Enjoy time in your new home and congrats! It looks amazing!

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