Finding things to be Thankful for…

We are now nearing the Thanksgiving holiday, and still, no work has begun. Rumor has it that the permits are all ready and everything is in ‘final review’. My prayer is that work begins right after the long weekend.

SInce the last post, we lost our home-owners insurance, regained our home-owners insurance, sold off all the old appliances, and had another break-in.

Once we received the final bid, we had to start cutting back on the work that will be done. Money will be tight, and we will need to be creative, but we are optimistic.

So this Thanksgiving, I am thankful for my Insurance rep who sorted it all out; I am thankful we were able to sell the appliances and make a few bucks; I am thankful that no further damage was incurred during the last break-in.

I am thankful that we have a roof over our heads while we wait for our home.

Mostly, I am thankful for Chris.

Throughout this experience, Chris has been the one to shoulder most of the burden and worry and decisions. I am grateful for his talents, his patience, and his leadership.


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