More Setbacks

Water bubbles on first floor

Mowing the weeds

Construction has not yet begun; we are hung up on permits right now. So, we went to the house the weekend after it had been broken into with plans to clean up the yard a little to let the neighborhood know that this is not just another abandoned house. Upon arrival, we saw the back door open again, the back window broken, and heard water running.

Just enough pipe had been cut to cause water to pour down the walls from the attic. Paint on the first floor was bubbling and filling with water the size of small water balloons. We called the police, insurance company, and water department to cover all our bases. Then we got to work. Water has been turned off to prevent further damage. We boarded up the windows and doors. We mowed the back lawn and raked up trash from the front.

Six hours later, as we were leaving, exhausted….Stella declared it an Amazing Adventure.

She is the amazing adventure. Her good humor and patience kept Chris and I from completely losing it.

So, we continue to wait and pray. Sooner or later, our journey toward home will pick up pace.

You can click on the thumbnails to enlarge the photos.


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